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The Vision-Aid Academy seeks to enable, educate and empower people with vision disabilities through access to education. We believe that learning is what transforms every human being. The Academy offers a range of courses,webinars, and informational videos to both Students with visual impairments, and Trainers/Professionals working amongst people with visual impairments. We conduct both face-to-face and instructor-led virtual/online classes apart from E-Learning content.

Our courses are industry-standard and cover topics including Python programming, Computer Applications, Mobile Technology, Life Skills, Spoken English, and many more. All of Vision-Aid’s trainers are well qualified and provide personalized attention to each student. All courses and resources are free of cost. Our website is built based on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to improve accessibility by those with visual impairments.

Invite your sibling/friend/colleague or practically any person who may be blind or visually impaired to register in our courses that provide an opportunity of life with dignity and independence.

Vision-Aid At A Glance!

Technical Courses

Introductory Course in Computer Applications (ICA)

Covers all Basics of Computer Applications I 8 weeks Intensive Course I Theory and Practicals

View ICA Course

Open For Enrollment

Certificate Course in Computer Applications (CCA)

Introduction to computers, computer applications, and access technologies for the visually impaired

View CCA Course

Coming Soon

Diploma In Computer Applications (DCA)

Computer Applications: MS Office, Internet, and Special Software Applications

View DCA Course

Mobile Technology

To introduce the vision impaired to the Mobility, Safety and Learning features available on the Android Smart Phone platform

View Mobile Technology Course


Special Skills Training Courses

Life Skills

Engaging and interactive workshops for holistic personal and professional development

View Life Skills Course

Courses for Vision Professionals

Open for Enrollment

Enhancing Low Vision

To understand the causes and effects of visual impairments, and low vision conditions; to carry out the functional assessment, and intervention.

View ELV Course

Many of our students who have completed online courses with Vision-Aid have further taken courses at world-famous online institutions COURSERA and EdX completing courses designed by Harvard, MIT and more

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For more information about Vision-Aid’s Courses or to request access to a specific course, please contact us. Send us an email on this mail address, and we will call back.