Corporate Skills Development Program

Advancement in technology is enabling the visually impaired to attain higher education in various fields from engineering to law. However, when it comes to finding their dream job in the corporate sector, technical skills gained from academia is not enough. Effective communication skills whether written or verbal are imperative to making an entry into the professional world and eventually become the most important asset to thrive and grow thereafter. The Corporate Skills Development program is a unique training program designed to equip candidates with the right skills to find their next job and succeed in the workplace. The course touches upon different etiquettes of verbal and non-verbal communication including modulating voice while speaking in public, the art of active listening, expressing one’s views assertively and more. It also covers best practices around writing professional emails, building crisp resumes and cover letters and other aspects of preparing for a job interview.
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Who can apply? 

Course Duration

  • Any visually impaired candidate with basic proficiency in English, whether fresher or experienced looking for a job in the corporate  sector
  • 40 to 50 hours

Sample Certificate

Course Objective

Course details

  • Understanding the importance and different styles of verbal and nonverbal communication in a corporate setup.
  • Improving public speaking skills by learning to introduce oneself effectively, using the art of voice modulation and becoming an active listener.
  • Learning how to show appreciation, express opinions assertively and other greeting etiquette.
  • Developing the skills to draft professional emails, Resume building and cover letter writing.
  • Understanding the common steps in preparing for an interview including mock interviews with commonly asked questions.

Vision-Aid offers a Virtual Classroom model for a batch of 5-6 students in the class.

  • The class duration will be a 2-hour long session once a week.
  • Every class shall comprise of hands-on activities for the skills learned followed by graded homework assignments.
  • Students are required to submit all weekly homework assignments on time.
  • During this program, the students will be introduced to various modes of communication, verbal, non-verbal and written which would
    help prepare them for life in the corporate world.
  • Once admitted a student MUST commit to attending all classes regularly without exception.
  • Any student who misses more than 2
    classes without prior written permission from the program coordinator may be dropped from the course.

Admission Criteria​

  • Minimum educational qualification of a bachelor’s degree in any  stream.
  • Proficient in basic computer with Internet usage.
  • Proficient in using screen readers like NVDA or JAWS.
  • Proficient with basic English grammar and ability to follow instructions in English.
  • Commitment to devote 10 – 12 hours per week to attend to course work.
  • Applications duly filled and submitted will be shortlisted based on prerequisites.
  • Successful candidates meeting the pre-requisites will be subject to a short pre-assessment test as a part of an interview over the Zoom meeting app.
  • Candidates who are selected after the interview will be enrolled into the course.

Trainer Profile


Megha Patangi is a people’s person and an intuitive trainer, with more than 3 years of industry experience. She currently works with an IT company as an Associate Accessibility Engineer and contributes towards providing solutions to make digital space accessible for people round the globe.


Aditi Shah is a Technology enthusiast with over five years of experience in the Cybersecurity space. She currently works at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington as a Data and Applied Scientist with their security response team.

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