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Introduction Course in Computer Applications ( ICA )

 Who Can Apply ?

Sighted tutors/trainers

Course Objective

  1. Provide preparatory training to introduce the novice visually impaired students to the world of computer and computer applications
  2. Introduction to Computers, Voice Assist Software, and Touch Typing
  3. Use of Keyboard and Touch Typing in more detail
  4. To help students become more independent and self-reliant using technology.

Trainer Eligibility

Tools Needed

  1. Trainers should at least possess a Vision Aid’s Certificate in Computer Applications course certificate.
  2. The trainers should be sighted individuals, familiar with the local language to be able to clarify any doubts arising in regards the concepts outlined in this course
  3. Basic English fluency is required. Although the trainers should be familiar with the local language in order to clarify any doubts and support the visually impaired students through this course, all units should be delivered in English.
  1. Computer System(s), in working condition, for live demos
  2. An opened up Computer System, with all its parts available to sight and touch, to explain what is inside such a system
  3. Loudspeaker and headphones to invoke and use the voice assist software

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