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Life Skills

This course was developed in collaboration with the America India Foundation 

 Who Can Apply ?

  1. Sighted tutors/trainers

Course Duration

15 to 20 hours

Course Certificate 

Course Objectives

  1. Develop key skills – empathy, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, and critical thinking – among the visually impaired community to help them better cope with, navigate, and succeed in professional and personal life.
  2. Use engaging activities and workshops to deliver a successful, reflective, and impactful life skills course.
  3. To learn how to learn, work collaboratively, and build meaningful and lasting relationships within and outside work.

Trainer Eligibility

Tools Needed

  1. The trainers should be sighted individuals, familiar with the local language, who are passionate about holistic education interventions for the visually impaired.
  2. Basic English fluency is required. Although the trainers should be familiar with the local language in order to clarify any doubts and support the visually impaired students through this course, all units should be delivered in English.
    1. A volunteer from the office staff, when available.
    2. Computer System(s) in working condition, to show videos.
    3. Curiosity, passion, and patience to not only deliver the material outlined in the course, but to also go above and beyond when delivering the course to the visually impaired students.

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