Mobile Technology

The Mobile Technology course will introduce and sensitize persons with vision impairment to mobility, safety, and learning through technology, specifically, modern day Androidsmartphones, learn essential nomenclature related to hardware and software of a smartphone and how to navigate a smartphone using inbuilt or downloadable assistive technologies, and learn how to best use and employ smartphones for access to effective communication, orientation and mobility, and access, store, and use information.

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About the course 

Desirable Skills prior to taking this course

  1. English speaking skills
  2. Knowledge about Mobile devices
  3. Exposure to simple mobile devices

Learning Outcomes from this course

Skills you will develop on completion of course

By the end of this course you will learn about:

  1. The evolution of mobile phones
  2. The different parts of a commonly available smartphone
  3. Accessibility
  4. Talk-back feature
  5. How to use talk-back to perform various functions on an android phone
  6. How to set up low vision accessibility features of their Android Smart Phones.
  7. How to adjust the font and display size.
  8. How to perform Color Correction and Inversion
  9. How to use the Magnification Feature
  10. Apps that have been designed for the visually challenged
  11. How to download and install these apps
  12. How to use these apps
  1. Understanding of mobile technology
  2. Innovative uses of mobile devices
  3. Navigate mobile device
  4. Opening and using Applications


Duration of course

  1. Trainees will 12+ years of age
  2. They will have access to a Computer or Mobile device with internet connectivity
  3. A maximum of 10 -12 learners per batch is planned so as to provide personalized attention to each individual
  4. A qualified Program Manager and a Trainer has been assigned to each batch
  • Total Duration: 1month
  • Class Duration: 75 mins / 5 Days a week


Admission Criteria

  3. SAMI
  4. SIVA
  1. Applications duly filled and submitted will be shortlisted based on prerequisites and desirable factors.
  2. Candidates who are selected after the interviews will be enrolled into the course.

Trainer Profile


Sridhar Venigandla

Sridhar Venigandla is a Friendly and outgoing person with B. Tech, MBA, (MA Psychology) and currently pursuing LLB. Ae also have 11+ years’ experience in Training, Project management, Consulting, with a built up background in various verticals lice Education, Defence Labs, Government and IT sectors.

Sample Certificate

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