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Vision-Aid Academy was built specifically for students and learners with vision disabilities. As such the course that we offer have two major outcomes. They include Empowerment and Employ-ability. Each of these courses on its roadmap will ultimately prepare you towards being independent and living a life with dignity. Get in touch with us at for any queries and future courses on the roadmap.

Who can use this website?

Any individual who is visually impaired (low vision to blindness), is a student and who is interested in learning can access and use this website. Any student below the age of 13 needs a guardian to assist and accept the terms and conditions of the Academy. This is a website purely meant to spread the love of education, and to empower students and learners to live a life of independence and dignity.

Content Offerings

All courses are bespoke and designed by in-house experts in their respective fields and deeply committed towards education for those with visual impairments. Where content has been acquired externally, appropriate acknowledgements are in place.

All courses are specifically designed to suit the learning needs of those with visual impairments.

All courses that are available on our website are offered free of cost to all students with vision disabilities, and trainers who work amongst those with visual impairments. You may get in touch with Vision-Aid’s Training department to know more about the courses we offer. You may also write to us at for more information on courses offered.

Course Batches

Course batches are sized between 10-12 so as to ensure that each student has the required attention. With highly
interactive sessions, our trainers have all the students involved in the learning process.


While collecting any data, Vision-Aid takes utmost care about the information security of our learners. Vision-Aid
ensures that the data used is only for furthering education amongst those with visual impairments. Nevertheless,
Vision-Aid does not guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not be able to defeat our security measures.
Please notify us immediately of any compromise or unauthorized use of your account by emailing