Discussion with students about computers asking some of the following questions:

  1. Have they heard about computers? Given the current ubiquity of computers, the students are most likely going to answer in affirmative. If not, take that into account when introducing what a computer is. If the students have heard about computers, follow up that question with what they have heard about computers?
  2. If they had heard about computers, where had they heard the information from?
  3. What do they think is the purpose of a computer? Why have they pervaded almost every aspect of our lives, both professional and personal?
  4. Had they ever heard about the visually impaired using a computer? If yes, ask them about how and what they had heard. If not, talk to them about computer literacy and information and communication technology classes for the visually impaired that exist for the visually impaired.
  5. Why they think it is important to learn about computers, how to use one, and what they hope to accomplish after learning to use one? Essentially, starting a dialogue about what students hope to gain out of this course, what their expectations are when taking this course, and why they are dedicating their energies to learning about computer use will not only start a meaningful conversation that helps students reflect and learn from each other, it also provides the teacher with a baseline understanding of what the students want and how the teacher can reconcile that with their own course content and pedagogy.