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Spoken English – Beginners

  • Acquire a basic understanding of the English language and reach a certain level of fluency while communicating.

Mobile Technologies

  • To introduce and create awareness about mobility safety and learning through technology using modern-day smartphones.
  • Learn essential nomenclature related to hardware and software.
  • Navigate a smartphone using inbuilt or downloadable assistive technologies.

Certificate Course in Computer Applications (CCA)

  • Provide preparatory training to introduce students to the world of computers and computer applications.
  • Introduce Computers Voice Assisted Software touch typing and Keyboard.
  • Help to become more independent and self-reliant to use the computer.

Basic Braille

  • Understand and have good skills in the following: English Alphabet English Words Words and Sentences Punctuations Hindi Alphabet Hindi Punctuation Hindi Varnmala Alphabet.

Microsoft Excel

  • Introduce learners to the Spreadsheet program.
  • Learn how to work with Cells and Sheets Formulas and Functions Data and Tables.

Spoken English - Intermediate Level

  • Verbal expression in formal and informal settings using common idioms metaphors nuanced grammatical expressions.
  • Build listening and speaking skills by discussing more open-ended topics such as current news life experiences music books etc.

Digital Accessibility Testing

  • Introduce Digital Accessibility Testing concepts as in the Deque University curriculum of Web Accessibility 2.2 with live scenario practice sessions.

Corporate Skills

  • Understanding important topics: Presentation Skills Body Language Etiquette Communication Skills.

Programming with Python

  • Introduction to Python programming concepts, syntax, and basic constructs.
  • Hands-on practice with Python programming tasks and projects.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and ARIA Fundamentals for Accessible Web Development

  • Create a web page, and dive into JavaScript to add interactivity and dynamic elements.
  • Acquire the skills needed to craft engaging and inclusive web experiences.

Job Coaching for Banking and other exams

  • Understand the following topics: Basic mathematics Reasoning English comprehension General awareness General studies.


  • Understand the fundamentals of prompt engineering
  • Learn to frame questions and commands for specific tasks
  • Coherent conversations, Create practical applications using ChatGPT's prompt engineering.

Voice Process

  • Understand the importance of an effective communication process
  • Learn to demonstrate proficiently in handling customer inquiries, resolving issues promptly, and maintaining high-quality service standards, contributing to enhanced customer satisfaction and operational efficiency within the organization.

Content Writing

  • Equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to create engaging informative and high-quality written content for various purposes and platforms.


  • Understand the importance of an effective recruitment process.
  • Gain proficiency in sourcing and attracting potential candidates through various channels.
  • Develop skills in screening resumes and conducting initial candidate assessments to identify suitable candidates.

Orientation and Mobility

  • Increase awareness of surroundings.
  • Use of navigation tools and devices.
  • Learn practical tips to navigate safely.


Mrs. Clet Vineetha