Course Description

Only 10-12 Students per batch. Personalized attention given to each Student to ensure that your Learning objectives are achieved. 

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Course Content

  1. Programming Basics
  2. Algorithm,
  3. Python Basics
  4. Syntax
  5. Semantics
  6. Arithmetic Objects
  7. Boolean Objects
  8. Conditionals
  9. String Objects
  10. WHILE Loops
  11. FOR Loops
  12. Functions
  13. ERROR Handling



About the course

Desirable Skills prior to taking this course

Instructions about the course & expectations

Mandatory Pre-requisites

  • Desktop or laptop computer with reliable internet connectivity.
  • Motivation and dedication.
  • Discipline for focused learning and commitment to spend a minimum of hours per week.
  • Commitment to pursue higher level courses in Python for at least two years to become job worthy for IT industries, for which Vision Aid will provide mentor ship
  • Good communication skills

Course Details

  • Guidance and monitoring on homework, assignments and practical assessments will be during weekdays.
  • Students are required to submit all weekly homework assignments on time.
  • Once admitted a student MUST commit to attending all classes regularly without exception.

Admission Criteria

  • Applications duly filled and submitted will be shortlisted based on prerequisites and desirable factors.
  • Shortlisted candidates will go through a screening test for logical reasoning and basic mathematics.
  • Successful candidates from the screening test will be personally interviewed over the Zoom meeting app.
  • Candidates who are selected after the interviews will be enrolled into the course.

Skills you will develop on completion of course

Beyond Course completion

Skills you will develop on completion of course



Slide TEJAS Tejas, born with visual impairment in Mumbai, pursued his education at a Blind School. After school, he graduated from St. Xavier's College in 2007. His quest for technology education led him to NIIT Bangalore, but job challenges followed. He worked as an HR Recruiter at Thomson Reuters but continued his search for software engineering opportunities. Tejas found his path at Vision-Aid India, where he gained certifications in JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Python, and Digital Accessibility Testing. Vision-Aid then helped him secure a role as an Associate Software Engineer at Pristine InfoTech Inc. He's deeply grateful to Vision-Aid for enabling visually impaired individuals to learn software languages and work independently as software engineers. testimonials Slide Bindhu Sri Meet Bindu, from Hyderabad. Who began her life with the gift of perfect vision? She embarked on her educational journey in a conventional school, but at the tender age of 9, her world dimmed as Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) impacted her sight. Loosing major of her vision with lot of challenges she still could complete her graduate degree in 2020 and her post-graduate degree in 2022. Being interested to pursue her career in computer programming she discovered Vision-Aid India, a beacon of hope and opportunity. Enrolling in their online certification programs, Bindu successfully completed both Python and SQL languages. Armed with these newfound skills, she opened doors to her career, securing a position as a Data Engineer at RX Data Science, a renowned company.

“All of this was made possible through the invaluable support and guidance provided by Vision-Aid India” She Says.

Meet Your Trainers

 Bhaskar E
Bhaskar E@username
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Bhaskar earned his Bachelors of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from REC Calicut and Masters in Finance from Boston College. He started his career as a software engineer and currently works as an investment analyst with Acadian Asset Management in the Greater Boston area.
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Nisha has 4 years of IT Experience working as a Customer Engineer at Microsoft. Working with Infrastructure technologies, PowerShell scripting, and an advocate for Microsoft Azure. Nisha is passionate about Machine learning and data visualization.
Bhargav V
Bhargav V@username
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Bhargav Vaghasiya is the first visually impaired Computer science (Bachelor of computer application) graduate from Gujarat. He is currently working as software engineer at Bengaluru. Bhargav was one of the first students of Vision-Aid, who then went on to become a volunteer mentor to teach the python class